Company Profile

ICU Consulting is a specialist healthcare management consultancy with over 40 years’ experience in the healthcare sector both in South Africa and internationally. We provide a personalised service to manage all healthcare related business problems, predominantly in the provider or hospital sector of the industry.

The company was started in 2008. The founder, Michelle Ferguson identified a gap in the healthcare market to provide a high quality, personalised, implementable solution for both the smaller independent players in the healthcare space, including new entrants, and the potential to work with existing funders and providers to improve healthcare in South Africa.

ICU Consulting, specialises in new business development from concept to an fully operational hospital, creating and refining healthcare business models and optimising existing facilities. We have a combined total of over 40 years’ experience in the healthcare space as providers as well as operators, both locally and internationally.

ICU Consulting is continuously monitoring both the local and international healthcare trends in the acute, day hospital, sub-acute and psychiatric sectors of the market. We own an extensive database of private hospitals in South Africa by type of hospital, number of beds and theatres and map the available beds against international guidelines. We are continually looking for new concepts to improve the overall service delivery of healthcare in South Africa and beyond our borders.

We actively track and guide clients in terms of the ever-changing technologies, especially the healthcare disruptive revolution that is taking place, from supply of machines to counteract the shortage of specialists, to revolutionising the healthcare delivery platform. ICU Consulting has a vast product offering to suit the needs of all our clients and continue to work to streamline the healthcare process and deliver extraordinary customer service.



Our vision is to be the leader in healthcare consulting for South Africa and other African countries.


Our mission is to consistently deliver quality, implementable solutions for all clients, whether large or small by using our business and healthcare knowledge to correctly diagnose the pains/ issues within our clients business and effectively and efficiently “treat the pain”.