Healthcare Solutions

Comprehensive, implementable solutions for all aspects of the healthcare sector with international experience.

1. Turnkey Solutions

From idea to a full operational facility. We can assist with all aspects of the concept.

  1. Programme management of development
  2. Policies and procedures
  3. Staff resource planning
  4. Job descriptions
  5. Procurement
  6. Sit on the board of directors once hospital operational

2. New business

Work with the client to ensure all information required for a new hospital by the DoH is presented in the application form.  Guide clients as to the suitability of sites.

  1. Acute/ day/ sub-acute/ psychiatric hospitals
  2. New hospital licence application

3. Existing businesses

ICU Consulting assists with various operational aspects of operational hospitals to improve revenue and decrease costs whilst not compromising on quality of care.

  1. Strategy
  2. Marketing
  3. Business process re-engineering
  4. Business analysis
  5. Revenue and cost analysis

4. Regulatory Requirements

An understanding of the regulatory requirements for private hospitals in South Africa

  1. New licences
  2. Building regulations
  3. Extension of existing facilities
  4. NHI

5. Additional Service Partners

ICU Consulting has partnered with various industry experts to assist clients with all aspects of the development, commissioning and operations of a hospital

6. Local and international trends

ICU Consulting is continuously researching local and international trends in the healthcare sector from disease burden, number of hospitals, beds and theatre by area, identifying any gaps in the market and searching for solutions.

7. Healthcare service planning

Planning for healthcare needs within macro and micro geographical areas based on local and international guidelines

  1. Hospital beds
  2. Specialist requirements
  3. Healthcare needs

8. Tariff development

Assist and guide client to develop alternate reimbursement tariffs and communication with NHN

  1. Fixed fee
  2. Global fee

9. New Innovative Technologies and Concepts

ICU Consulting is continually identifying new technologies and concepts and bringing these to market.  ICU believes that the South African healthcare market is ready for disruptive operations in this sector.

  1. Diagnostic equipment
  2. Nurse call systems
  3. Paperless hospitals
  4. Office based surgery
  5. New ideas